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Once upon a time

Stones are the witness of passing time in whole life. Kirazli Sultan Mansion, the work of art from the love, synergy, peace and happiness from within those stones …

A Greek family at Kirazli village formerly named as Kupluce. Their crossing lives with the daughter of a healer family which is brought from Mesopotamia for the illness of the only child of this family.

Bir masal olur ki; 18.yy sonları Rum Aile yaşadığı Kuşadası’nda iyi bir taş ustası olan babalarının 1834 yılında Güvercinada Kale inşaatı sırasında hastalanması ile adadan ayrılma kararı alırlar. İç taraflara doğru ilerler ve doğasının yeşil çam ağaçlarının akan derelerinin güzelliğine hayran olup Küplüce bugünkü adı ile Kirazlı’ya yerleşirler.

It is a tale that; At the end of 18. Century Greek family decides to leave the island after their father who was a good stone master at Kusadasi, fallen ill during the construction of Guvercinada fortress. They moves to the inlands and settles down at Kirazli formerly named as Kupluce by admiring its nature, pine trees and rivers.

Father of the family recovers by the help of the weather and nature in here and starts the construction of their own house. One day they found out that their son is sick too and they started to look for cure. They learned from the traders and transitters that Ravzaogullari family who lives in Mesopotamia, today within Mardin borders, are ahead in the field of healing.

At first they use the herbs brought by the nomad traders. After they see their son is cured, they desired to invite that family to their mansion.

Ravzaogulları accepts this invitation and come to this far but different village. As story it is, our sick boy falls in love at the first sight to the daughter of this healer family…

Beautiful daughter of healer family was also in love and spends her life at this village by getting married with her husband who got stone mastering from his father.



About Us

Once upon a time

Our beloved mother Turkan Sultan which is the daughter of the grandchild of the family, was born in Mardin on 1947.

We came to Kirazli village and renovated this historical artifact to sustain her grandfathers’ story. We are willing to present all our family antiques in order to sustain this mystique style with unbelievable beautiful local tastes to you, our guests.

After the passing away of our mother, for her longing to her past in the intensity of metropolitan life for long years abroad and in Istanbul afterwards, we made a radical decision and settled back to our village.

Our goal is to host our guests at Kirazli Sultan Mansion in a dream tale for healthy life and peaceful times.